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Denmark - horoskoper, dagshoroskop, månedshoroskop

Many like to read their daily horoscope, because in this way they feel that they can better improve on today's challenges. At you can read both daily horoscope , weekly horoscop and monthly horoscope, and it's free! Visit our website today, to learn more about horoscopes and astrology.

Category: Society & Culture » People
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Date Added: 09-06-2015 12:25:58

Crosswords - - Crosswords, krydsord, korsord, kryss

Crosswords -

Crosswords has been a popular mindgame since 1913, where Arthur Wynne for the first time published it, in the newspaper New York World.

At our website can you play crosswords games for fun, and you also have the option to download our app, so you can play on your smartphone.

Category: Entertainment » Computer Games
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Date Added: 09-06-2015 12:24:16

Mr.Butler - rengøring cleaning, erhvers rengøring, kontor rengøring, privat rengøring


Mr. Butler is a small cleaning company which specializes in providing office quality cleaning to business establishments and private properties through a top-class service given by trained cleaning staff.

Category: Business & Shopping » Cleaning
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Date Added: 05-06-2015 12:31:11

Hardy Strid - The Situationist Superman - art, kunst, konst, biography, gallery, situationism, Nemes, Jorn, Nash, dadaism

Hardy Strid - The Situationist Superman

The artist Hardy Strid was born in Halmstad 1921. 1947-52 he studied at Valand Art School in Gothenburg, where the new teacher Endre Nemes had started a new era.
After Valand, Hardy Strid focused his interest upon Copenhagen, where the brothers Asger Jorn and Jorgen Nash lived.
Many journeys abroad and close relations with art and artists in other countries have given him an international image.
His creative power has found expressions in the most varied of materials and techniques -

Category: Art & Design » Artists
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Date Added: 01-09-2014 00:21:44

Kingbo - Foot cream your feet will love - foot creme, fod creme, bodylotion, shampoo, house numbers, hand soap, soap

Kingbo - Foot cream your feet will love

If you walk in heels all day, several days a week, it won’t be a surprise if your feet are sore all the time and if there are hard spots on certain parts of your sole. Even if you don’t wear high heels, or even if you are a man, if your feet are enclosed in shoes most of the time, corns and other skin problems might develop.

Fortunately, these foot problems are not permanent. You can easily get rid of them if you use a really good foot product, like the foot cream that you can buy from S

Category: Health & Care » Wellness
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Date Added: 15-07-2014 11:31:34


Bikes from - cykel, cykler, billige cykler, mtb, racercykler, Herrecykler, damecykler, citybikes, billig cykel,

Bikes from

We are offering bikes at the lowest prizes in all of denmark.
We have the very best brands such as Giant, Trek, Avenue, MBK, Pashley GT in our program.
Bay bikes on sale online at - And save a lot money on your new bike

Category: Business & Shopping » Transport & Logistics
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Date Added: 13-02-2014 01:26:20
Denmark - Naturlig skønhedspleje, Naturlige skønhedsprodukter, cremer, plejeprodukter - here can you buy quality health care products. We have a big selection of the best products, and we always give our customers the best service, including fast delivery.

Visit and read more about who we are, and what we can offer you.

Category: Business & Shopping » Consumer Product
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Date Added: 04-11-2013 17:08:38

POC - Print på cover, Design dit eget cover, Lav dit eget cover til iPhone

POC - here can you design your own unique mobil or tablet cover.
We have the newest technologies - which guaranty you high quality print and long resistant. Start design your own cover today - just go to and start, only your fantasy make the limits.

Category: Business & Shopping » Photo & Video
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Date Added: 15-10-2013 15:07:43
Denmark - dj, leje af dj, fest dj, dj københavn, dj til julefrokost

MusikDJ is Copenhagen based DJ-service which provides DJ for any type of party or event. Our DJ's are experienced and are always good at setting the high tempo of your event.

We have DJ'ed in many different types of parties; weeding, company parties etc.

Category: Music & Movies » Artist
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Date Added: 13-03-2013 19:15:05

Hearing aids from - Høreapparat, hørelse, HøreCenter, høreprøve, Høretest, Oticon, phonak, ReSound, Siemens, Widex

Hearing aids from

Experts in Hearing aids - authorised dealers of Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Siemens and Widex Hearing aids.

Straffe finishs of 4 Hearing specialists, so there is really a solid experience level in the shop. Open 6 days a week

Category: Health & Care » Vision & Eyewear
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Date Added: 13-03-2013 11:20:12

Artist Marie Plum - painting, paintings, flower, flowers, flowerpaintings, marie plum, plum, galleri, art, artist,

Artist Marie Plum

I paint paintings with nature as inspiration to achieve contemplation and tranquility, while with wonder and curiosity. I use many aspects of nature, to find ezzensen of the moment. Shipping Uncomment describing the whole andlife's many secrets.

I'm looking for clues, the skulpturel of the flower, the mystery of the stone, dreaming and wondering in the water, the magic and the explanatory in simplicity. The painting is the dream of paradise, the perfekt life.Going close to a flower and se

Category: Art & Design » Artists
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Date Added: 10-03-2013 23:30:24

Colurfull acrylic paintings from danish artist Charlotte Eland - art, gallery, painter, artist, eland, kunst, acrylic

Colurfull acrylic paintings from danish artist Charlotte Eland

Colourfull acrylic paintings of high quality, made by Charlotte Eland.

Also see photos in the webgallery from the exhibitions around in Denmark and send paintings as beautiful e-cards for free. Abstractions and figurative abstractions.

Category: Art & Design » Artists
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Date Added: 14-02-2013 16:59:35

Car rental searchengine - car rental, car hire

Car rental searchengine

Search for car rental prices among multiple vendors and find the best deal for your holiday car rental needs.

Our system searches for online car rental among multiple suppliers in order to find the best prices for you.

Category: Travel & Holiday » Car Rental
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Date Added: 29-01-2013 15:37:06

Couples therapy Copenhagen - parterapi, parterapeut, skilsmisse, krise i parforhold

Couples therapy Copenhagen

Couple therapy can be useful if you have troubles in your in your relationship. Very often small everyday life stuff can be the worst thing to deal with and it ends up with inappropriate with communication.

couple therapy can be useful to regencies each other again and maybe from another ankle. The couple therapist can be useful in a way that the presence of a outside mostly is able to bring the problems up in a very calm way.

It can be anything from best from lost of good wishes,

Category: Health & Care » Couples therapy
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Date Added: 27-11-2012 15:25:43

Krifa - union, unemployment fund


Krifa is a Unemployment fund and union for people in all kind og business. Krifa is a cheap but good alternative to all the unions there has specialized in specific industries.

You are free to choose choose between unemployment fund and union or choose both.

Category: Work & Education » Career
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Date Added: 04-11-2012 14:40:10


Download Video Codecs - video codecs, audio codecs, multimedia software, rip dvd, rip blu-ray, convert video, convert audio

Download Video Codecs

Download video and audio codecs for Windows via, which is the leading Danish site offering free downloads of codecs and related multimedia software. The site reviews all downloads in Danish and is dedicated to offering free spyware-free downloads.

Video codecs are small software applications you install in Windows in order to play video files saved in the DivX, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV and MKV video formats. Audio codecs ensure correct playback of music saved in the MP3, WMA, F

Category: Computers & Internet » Computers
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Date Added: 19-10-2012 17:52:50

RSS Feeds from Denmark - - rss feed, rss feeds, rss, feed, portal, community, news, nyheder, rssland, denmark, updated

RSS Feeds from Denmark -

At you can find fresh updated RSS Feeds from danish websites in all categories you can imagine.
Every website with an RSS Feed are allowed to submit it.
On our site you can browse to your desired category and find interesting and fresh news about that topic

Category: News & Media » Community
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Date Added: 13-08-2012 13:29:10
European Union

Alabazar - hobby, gadget, camera, phone, epad, electronics, pets, LED, toys

Alabazar is a virtual shopping mall, which is host to a number of independent shops.

You will curently find R/C hobby articles, gadgets surveillance cameras, bladeless fans, pet accessories, electronics, and much more. The list is expanding almost daily.

Alabazar ApS offers a professional platform where shop owners - large and small - in a quick, simple and cost effective manner can open their internet shop without any prior knowledge of web shops, internet design, programming

Category: Business & Shopping » Retail Trade
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Date Added: 26-06-2012 21:34:13


Download Software - download software, purchase software, buy software, try software, shareware, software products

Download Software

The Danish site offers a broad range of useful software product for download and purchase.
As an online web shop aims to have the lowest prices on software licenses in Denmark.

Our software catalogue features the well-known brands like Norton, BitDefender, Panda, McAfee, Nero, Microsoft, PC Tools, etc. Almost all software products can be downloaded for free to evaluation purposes and later purchase with a substantial discount via the web shop

Category: Computers & Internet » Computers
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Date Added: 26-06-2012 08:39:28

Ezl-data - Proffesionelle Typo3 webløsninger - CMS, CRM, Webdesigner, SEO, Søg maskine optimering, Grafiker, Tryk

Ezl-data - Proffesionelle Typo3 webløsninger

EZL Data is created in the year 1997.
EZL Data consists of Operations engineers, graphic designers and Webprogrammøre.

EZL Data is a company which is aimed at businesses. We offer more than just a machine delivered across the counter.EZL Data offers a high level of service and a solid foundation when we are working with our customers.

Category: Computers & Internet » Webdesign
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Date Added: 25-06-2012 11:00:24