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Driving School - Driving School, Roskilde, Drivers licens, Køreskole

Driving School

Juuls Driving School is a local bases driving school i Roskilde that started in 1979. We are today 15 highly skilled driving teachers ready to make sure you get your licens for car or motorbike.All our cars are new, fairly small, so easy to maneuver and learn to drive in. Every wednesday there is a free introduction meeting for everybody that is interestet. Just come by.

Category: Work & Education » Schools
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Date Added: 07-12-2018 15:35:38

Real estate property purchase advisors - Køberrådgivning, købermægler, køberrådgiver

Real estate property purchase advisors

We are the leading Danish real estate property purchase consultancy and our team of 15 dedicated advisors help our clients buy property every day.
We help more than 1,500 clients per year and our focus is evaluation of the potential property, price negotiation, all legal work necessary to carry through the property purchase including writing of the deed etc.

Category: Business & Shopping » Real estate
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Date Added: 13-11-2018 13:50:58

eTranslate - Professional Translation Agency - Professional Translations, Translation Agency, Website Translation,

eTranslate - Professional Translation Agency

eTranslate is a translation agency with a wide network of highly-skilled, professional translators. We offer high-quality translations, proofreading and text authoring to businesses, individuals and organizations.

We only collaborate with the most skilled translators, all of whom have years of professional experience, relevant graduate degrees and industry knowledge in the customer's field, ensuring the highest quality in our work. We have a great passion for language processing and have

Category: Business & Shopping » Communication
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Date Added: 07-09-2018 20:36:27

Ivækst - entrepreneur, business, growth, free service, forum


IVÆKST is an online community for Danish entrepreneurs. On you can read more than 1.000 subjects on business plans, businessgrowth, marketing etc.
All services on IVÆKST are free of charge, you can however also buy services suited for small business online i our webshop.

Category: Business & Shopping » Entrepreneurs
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Date Added: 21-08-2018 11:32:55


Sun times - Soltider - sun, moon, sunrise, sunset, sol, måne

Sun times - Soltider

Calculator to predict the sun rise and sun set times. Including the moon calendar. When does the moon rise and set. When is it full moon, new moon and other interesting facts.
You can use a Map to pinpoint the location from which you want to calculate the times. Works worldwide.
Also easy to use API access so you can use the data on your own web applications

Category: Science » Space
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 14:24:18


Put & Take Denmark - p&t, put and take, put & take, fiskeparker, fishing parks, fish, fishing, fiske

Put & Take Denmark

Danish Put & Take lakes can be found here. We try to collect the different fishing parks - Put and Take lakes in a well organised structure.
Find the address, facilities, telephone number, homepage and more about all the p&t places in Denmark

Category: Hobby » Hunting & Fishing
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 13:53:55

Falck - falck, stations, emergency operations centres, health clinics, sick transport, sicktransport


Falck is a Nordic-based organisation that provides assistance, rescue, healthcare and training to the public sector, private members, business subscribers, insurance companies, pension companies and international clients.
The company ambition over the next few years is to develop Falck into a pan-European organisation, and to achieve global status in certain sectors.

Category: Health & Care » Transport & Assistance
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 13:41:29

Sourcing & outsourcing in Asia China & East Europe - sourcing, outsourcing, suppliers, China, Asia, India, East Europe, Metal Plastic, Steel Industry

Sourcing & outsourcing in Asia China & East Europe is proberly the oldest internet based marketplace in Denmark, focusing on joining suppliers and buyers from the Metal-, Wood- and Plastic- Industries.
We are specialized in making it easy for You too find the correct supplier.
Our main focus is joining European buyers with Eastern European Suppliers, China Suppliers and other Asian Suppliers.

Category: Business & Shopping » Industry
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 13:17:25


Caroline Wozniacki Official Website - Caroline Wozniacki, tennis, grand slam, caroline, Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki Official Website

This is the official website for the danish tennis darling Caroline Wozniacki. On her webpage you can follow her personal blog in danish and english.
Keep upto date with her tennis schedule and give her a comment on the way.
We consider Caroline the Worlds Best Tennis player.

Category: Recreation & Sports » Tennis
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 13:06:12


Minecraft Skins - Get the best skins for Minecraft - skin, minecraft skins, skins, upload skin, mcskin, mc skin

Minecraft Skins - Get the best skins for Minecraft

This is an unique resource from Denmark where you can upload and download Minecraft skins of any sort - The best skins (those with most votes) will be shown on our frontpage, so it is easy for you to see what others like.

Submit your own favorite skins and comment/vote on other peoples skins.

Category: Entertainment » Computer Games
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 12:56:18


Minecraft List of Servers - minecraft, list of servers, minecraft servers, server list, mcserverlist

Minecraft List of Servers

Find Ip and Port number of a lot of great minecraft servers worldwide. This list shows servers from both the classic style and the more hardcore SMP types of servers (survival).

It is easy to find a server that suits your gamestyle - simple copy paste the IP and Port number and paste it into your Minecraft client.

You can find info for each server: Votes, players online, ping, uptime, comments, video and much more.

This is the absolute best Minecraft Servers IP List out the

Category: Entertainment » Computer Games
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 12:55:59


A1kommunikation - text editing & proofreading - korrektur, korrekturlæsning, tekstredigering, tekstforfatter, oversættelse, tekst, tekstforfatning

A1kommunikation - text editing & proofreading

A1 is an expert in text editing and proofreading. We guarantee high quality solutions to a wide range of businesses. As a unique service A1 offers a deadline service — this service makes it possible to have shorter texts proofread within 12 hours. Read more about A1 and our products at

Category: Business & Shopping » Communication
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 12:48:04


Danske Links - Danish Directory - danske, links, denmark, danmark, hjemmesider, link, directory

Danske Links - Danish Directory

This is the biggest and oldest free directory in Denmark. Everyone are allowed to submit their websites for review at Danske Links - all quality sites in Danish will get approved here, but notice we have manual review on all sites, so submission/approval can take a while.. But as they say - quality takes time :)

Category: Business & Shopping » Marketing & Advertising
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 12:23:42

Dining chairs from - chairs

Dining chairs from is Denmark's new portal for those looking for new dining chairs. The portal seeks various online shops for dining chairs and shows them in a simple overview.

With advanced filters, users can then search for dining chairs based on seat color, bone color and material. There can also be searched for chairs that can be stacked.
The website is the perfect starting point if you are looking for inspiration for new dining chairs.

Category: Home & Garden » Interior
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Date Added: 19-08-2018 10:34:43
Worldwide - flyvetid, flighttime

Calculate your flight time between airports around the world. With our unique algorithm, you can easily calculate your flight time from one airport to another and display the route on a map. The system also supports long-haul flights.

Category: Travel & Holiday » Flying & Airports
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Date Added: 18-07-2018 14:27:22

Bredbå - broadband


Bredbå helps you find the right broadband connection at the right price.
We continually update broadband prices from leading broadband companies, thus making it easier for you to explore the broadband market.
You can easily filter on the desired broadband speed and connection type.

Category: Business & Shopping » Communication
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Date Added: 18-06-2018 08:32:12


Minecraft PE Servers - Pocket Edition - minecraft, pe, servers, pocket edition, minecraft servers

Minecraft PE Servers - Pocket Edition

Biggest collection of Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) Servers to play on online. We monitor servers minute by minute with our online scanner and can show you who is playing on the different PE Servers, how long the players are online, the plugins installed on the server, the uptime of the server, the version and different graphs on players, uptime and more.

We also offer userbars for each server and player to use on your own forum signature or similar.

Category: Entertainment » Computer Games
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Date Added: 28-05-2018 08:20:08
Denmark - Sammenlign mobilpakker - mobile, price comparison - Sammenlign mobilpakker

Price comparison of mobile subscriptions. Do you have the cheapest mobile subscription? You can quickly check with, which compares prices for mobile subscriptions.
You can easily filter on the number of hours of talking time and how much data usage you want included in your mobile package.
The prices on are updated daily so you are always guaranteed updated price information when comparing prices for mobile subscriptions via

Category: Business & Shopping » Consumer Product
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Date Added: 08-05-2018 14:22:57


karma Shop Denmark - Jars & Interior - jar, jars, home decor, buddha sculptures, water fontains, unique lamps, lightning, interior

karma Shop Denmark - Jars & Interior

Karma Shop Deluxe is an unusual danish webshop with the most partidular products for your house and garden. Extrem big jars in a high quality distributed to all countries in scandinavia. Exclusive home decor with great karisma and at cheap prices. Looking forward to your visit on

Category: Business & Shopping » Art & Design
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Date Added: 27-04-2018 10:13:55

Biggste webshop whit party items in Denmark - Helium, Ballon, bryllup, konfirmation, bordkort, barnedåb, bordløber, festartikler, servietter, duge

Biggste webshop whit party items in Denmark

Big web shop with the sale of table decorations, and party supplies We can say that we are one of the biggest in Denmark, and we have a large selection of wedding with many unique products. We also have a large selection of room decoration for all kind of parties.

You will see that we have over 6000 items in the shop and all are send day by day.Come in and look, if you are planning to have a party.

CTI Party are also the company that have the lowest price on helium kit and on ball

Category: Business & Shopping » Party Supplies
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Date Added: 13-02-2018 15:49:10