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Advantages of Top link:
- You get a linkplacement on the Top Link page: Top Links
- Your link will randomly be shown on the frontpage of with direct outgoing link
- Your link will be written in bold and placed in top of the categories where you are listed
- Your link will be placed on the first page of the categories. (above the alphabetic sort of normal links)
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We have 2 ways for you to become a Top Link!
- Free: Place our link/logo a visible place on minimum your frontpage. Must be minimum PR3!
- Or you can purchase a Top Link for $40. Duration 1 year.

Inserts the following code on your own website and contact us.
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-Denmark Brands com | Danish Quality Directory
-Danish Brands | Directory of websites and brands from Denmark
Human edited web directory of family-friendly websites from Denmark. Directory is well organized. It is free to submit sites to this directory, if the site is from Denmark and have an English website