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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

Submitting a new website to is 100% free of charge.

No submission guarantee inclusion (free or paid). All sites are manually reviewed and approved before appearing in our directory.
If we can not accept a paid listing, we will refund.

Review process is now set to: 1-48 hours for all TopLink & Paid submissions.

Standard links in the directory is followed by the rel="nofollow" tag in the categories.
But direct links is given to all submissions through their detail pages. Read more about the thoughts behind here. is trying to build a quality directory of Danish Brands. For that to happen we need to setup some guidelines for every submission to follow.

General rules for all submissions:
When submitting a new website to our directory, use your time wisely and make sure all data is correct!
Errors in the submissions tend to slow down the approval process, so at high-peaks we simple delete them without review.
We accept very long descriptions, and if you wish to include name, address, phone number or similar, just do so. The editor will set it up correctly under review.

- We do NOT accept any websites that:

  1. is not from Denmark and with english texts
  2. contains adult content or illegal any materials
  3. contains gambling related contest as poker and casino. I have created for that.
  4. is under construction or very low on content
  5. consists mainly of affiliate links or created only for displaying PPC ads like AdSense, YPN etc. (MFA - Made for Adsense)
  6. got loads of content, like free articles and only outgoing links is PPC ads.
  7. uses pop-ups or delivers very poor design and functions
  8. is submitted deeper than the toplevel domain, except when purchasing TopLinks link.
  9. is submitted as subdomains. It is possible to purchase subdomains though. (Use the deep Link payment and specify in mail)
  10. is just a mirror or through frames simply link to another domain. If we spot this, all sites will get deleted and banned
  11. have been submitted multiple times. You are risking all sites get deleted for wasting our time.
  12. have no contact information on the webpage.

- We have the right to make any changes to the submission details as we feel appropriate. We might edit the title, description or keywords of your site to fit the structure, or we might move it to a more appropriate category.

Rules for TopLink:
- Are you already listed in our directory, then you can easily upgrade your listing by using our payment options.
- If your site goes against the guidelines above, please contact us first. We allow a bit more for TopLinks.
- Payment is non-refundable.